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Super Brane Theory

8/5/2003 3:33:01 PM amended from July-December 2002-again August 4, 2013.
And numerous other times. A diary of cosmic evolution.

Super Brane Theory

by James Travers-Murison
UOCA founder and amateur physicist having dropped out of Astrophysics at ANU in Australia in 2000 before the first term of first year had finished due to dissatisfaction with the education system there. This theory began its life in Cairns in 2002 when I tried to set up Project Eden for the first time. It developed further in its evolution in 2006 at 51 Campbell Rd, Melbourne and since then has taken on a life of its own.

Published by UOCA

Melbourne, 1997-

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1. Introduction


Quantum mechanics injected the concept of probability into the universe. Experiments by Davisson and Germer on electrons discovered that a single electron passing through two possible slits, showed interference patterns on a receiver similar to a wave. The electron was both particle and wave, and this could only be explained by reducing the existence of an electron to a probability function of being at a certain location. Matter like energy with the photon had become reduced to a mathematical probability function. Absolutism of Newton’s mechanistic differentiation or calculus was cracked by Einstein’s relativity then finally in the 1920s by Schrodinger where the certainty of the future was taken from us. Future can only be determined as a probability, because the nature of matter is such that its most elemental state does not exist as an absolute certainty.

The only absolute is the various quanta or packets of energy that make up the building blocks of the universe.

Feynman added another dimension, the effect of the observer. Observation alters the experiments results. Looking at which slit the electron passes through makes the nature of the electron change to that of a particle. As long as it is unknown it acts as a wave probability function, covering an infinite number of paths. “Sum over paths” thus one particle entering both slits.

Heisenberg worked out that when we bounce a wave off an object the information we receive is only enough to determine the object’s position to a margin of error equal to the wave’s wavelength. For a photon, smaller wavelengths mean higher frequency, which allows less error but greater inaccuracy in determining momentum of a particle, because the greater energy of the photon disrupts the particles motion. But why can’t the impact of the photon’s energy be taken account in determining the particles resulting velocity?

Heisenberg mathematically described this problem of location and velocity in terms of precision uncertainty in an inverse relationship. The uncertainty principle.

Einstein fought against this notion clinging to a more mechanistic view of god, but experimental results proved him wrong. Particles have no definite existence. Planck’s constant, the H bar, is the proportionality factor between the frequency of a wave and the minimal lump of energy it can have. Because it is about 10e-30, changes in frequency appear smooth and not as jumps. Einstein connected Planck’s thermodynamic electromagnetic energy equations to light in the form of photons. The photoelectric effect of Hertz found that increasing the intensity not the frequency of photons bombarding increases the number of ejected electrons, but has no effect on their individual energy (velocity). Increasing frequency increases energy but not the number. Einstein proposed that it was individual quanta of light called photons that individually hit the electrons and only if they have sufficient energy can they eject the electron. This individuality or particle nature of light explained the photoelectric effect. The energy of each photon is proportional to the frequency of the light wave - this being Planck’s constant. Thus describing the alteration of light frequency’s effect on electron energy.

The effect of the uncertainty principle or the probability wave nature of particles is that when confined regions of space of dimensions equal to the Planck constant, or more correctly the constituents of space are observed at that level they become increasingly volatile or as Greene describes as “quantum claustrophobia” p.115/. Within the ultramicroscopic realm uncertainty applies to all phenomena including energy and time, thus pinpointing energy and time leads to gross fluctuations described as borrowing, in which a particle can temporarily disappear transmuting itself into pure energy [E=mc2] or penetrate huge barriers, described as quantum tunneling. An analogy in the human realm is an individual such as Hitler or Napoleon or even perhaps Einstein who as individuals could penetrate and alter humanity on this planet through their supercolossal amassing or temporary borrowing of collective energy to achieve an individual’s goal.

This quantum frenzy meets an obstacle called general relativity. Space-time in the form of special relativity and quantum theory was attempted to be merged by quantum electrodynamics or relativistic quantum field theory. Maxwell’s electromagnetic field was described as quantum field lines of particles of photons. Energy in the form of particles’ masses and their motion vibrate from field to field through space-time.

Quantum chromodynamics was developed to explain the strong nuclear force within an atomic nucleus. And Quantum electroweak theory merged nuclear weak force and electromagnetism giving rise to the standard model of particle physics. Messenger particles, in the form of photons for electromagnetism for instance, constitute the smallest constituent or elementary particle and it is them that transmit the force that attracts or repels across a quantum field between leptons and quarks. Gluons act similarly with quarks for the strong force and weak gauge bosons with fermions in the weak nuclear force.

Symmetry like a sphere is observed from all directions amongst the elementary particles. For instance quarks show the same interaction regardless of varying observations, even their charge amounts could be changed and they would show symmetry. Gauge symmetry is essential to the stable makeup of the universe; in particular general relativity requires symmetry between all possible vantage points for the gravitational force.

What is general relativity? Faraday’s work on electricity led to Maxwell’s uniting of magnetism and electricity in the form of the electromagnetic wave of the fixed neverchanging speed of light. And light was merely another electromagnetic wave. Einstein asked what if we try to chase after that light and catch it. Impossible? Newton’s absolute view of space and time suggested one could.

Einstein’s special relativity overcame this by tampering with time and space. Force free motion is relative to the observer. There is no absolute motion. MOTION ONLY HAS MEANING IF COMPARED WITH OTHER OBJECTS. Furthermore there is complete symmetry between objects in force free motion. The laws of physics do not change.

Lights constant speed means that two observers in relative motion to each other will not agree on an event occurring at the same time due to the fact that light speed does not alter, instead time dilates and space warps. The time covered to reach X observer from Y object-event will not be altered regardless of the velocity motion of Y. Z observer of Y in relative motion to X, will record event Y at a different time to X. The time covered to reach Z from Y will also be unaffected by Y’s motion.

Distance is a measure about how much space is between two points. Time is the duration between two events. Because X and Z are at different distances from Y the time taken for light to reach each separate location will be different, as light speed remains constant, therefore X and Z record different times when event Y occurred. This is relativity. Or time dilation. Furthermore the velocity at which Y is travelling has no affect on the outcome and this is the bizarre part of it all. It means if a photon is released towards X and Z from Y and Y is travelling at the speed of light toward Z and away from X, the particles will still travel as if Y was motionless relative to X and Z, rather than as one would expect, the photon never reaching X and arriving at twice the speed of light at Z. All this is the consequence of the Universal law that nothing can travel faster than this maximum speed limit. How can it BE that a photon can know this and seemingly alter the reality of its initial speed from the object it is released from? [check?]

2. COREY, MOND AND THE APES – the law of exponential growth

259 Inkerman St on 28th December 2007

Back at Caro Way I ate some Jewish cake I had bought. I also bought in the washing; it was 37C outside. I read an old book of Attenborough’s on Life on Earth. Man began 6 million years ago as he headed onto plains as a kind of deformed walking chimp. 5 million years ago he became Austropithicus. 2 million years ago Homoerectus.  125,000-35,000 years ago Homo sapiens. He started painting perhaps 30 thousand years ago. 10,000 years ago there were 10 million with a very low stable growth rate, but the growth rate began to go ballistic and now 6 billion highly developed beings occupy the planet.

It seemed some law of exponential increase was at work. Hindu's called it Kali Yuga.

Maybe to do with MOND.

Then read some book on astrology, the idiot's guide. It had a section on Diana's death which I had written an article on. Solar eclipse occurred the day after she died conjuncting with her birth Pluto in her eighth house - all death. Hale-Bopp comet had just passed leading to the cult suicide deaths.
Regulus, the Persian star for royalty and revenge is conjunct her north node at birth in Leo 29´.

Corey was meditating surrounded by photocopies of pictures - Tibetan. Then I went for a walk down Inkerman into Caulfield, richer and on Friday night the Hassidic Jews in black suits and hats were walking to the very rich old style new house of God. I wanted to ring Krishna [a self proclaimed guru in Yarra Glen, disciple of Osho, a rich Indian from Darjeeling tea plantations] but forgot his number, so went back to Corey's get it, sort of against intuition as the old God the father of Israel seemed to say no, have patience there is a reason. I ignored reason. The traffic lights even blocked my return. I rang Krishna up from Caro and he was not available and they told me to come tomorrow night, I would need a car.

I sat down in the lounge with its sparkling meditational music and light device in the corner. Picked up a volume of Scientific America and started reading about Modified Newton's laws of gravity MOND. Developed by an Israeli professor Milgrom twenty five years ago. It explains away the missing matter so called dark matter in the universe by changing the laws of physics once again, this time to fit in with observations. At very low acceleration, an angstrom 10 exp-10 ms2, gravitational force changes below a certain a 0 constant. It becomes proportional to the square of the acceleration. This means gravitational effects of the force, acceleration, strangely enough become much, much stronger the further out or weaker the gravity is. This is so weak that it only takes noticeable effects in observing galaxies and galactic clusters. And at tens of thousands of light years from the centre of a galaxy. About where we are in the Milky Way. This explains why the universe appears to be accelerating at a more rapid rate and galaxy formation's rapid rate of interaction.

It still did not fully account for galactic clusters rapid formation. But that may be explained by a cubing effect at even lower accelerations and so on, quadrupling, quintupling, to infinity. This modification to MOND theory needed to be researched and tested mathematically to see if it did overcome the failings in the theory. I am therefore proposing this modification to the MOND theory now in 2007, let it be known that it was my idea to do this, proposed then. I don't have sufficient mathematical skills to test this, but if anyone does please contact me about doing the research. I would be most curious. I did try and contact the Israeli who developed MOND but got no response back. Still, without wanting to be egoistic, I would like credit for the modification if it works. 


From my point of view I wanted to see the macro effects in day to day living - particularly in human psychology - what I term psycho-dynamic thought theory. For it was becoming apparent through very painful experience that chaos theory was involved. The butterfly effect. I was gradually making observations over many years using my yogic meditational skills, that at minute accelerations of human thought or interaction, at the very initial stages of psychic contact the interaction of thought force power is exponentially more powerful or accelerating - hence the power of meditation, - the slower and more distant the thought interaction, the exponent effect proportionally occurred on the acceleration of events - could vastly accelerate them on a large scale.

Hence I give a suggested example of this theory in operation, which may just be random chance or an example of the theory I am proposing. [This may well have implications on chaos theory as small fluctuations in a system, even a closed system, can flow on to have devastating effects causing extreme changes, such as the poetic example of the flapping wings of a butterfly at the right moment altering the atmosphere sufficiently, combined with other chance random events to precipitate a super hurricane. And because there are so many of these small random events going on all the time, it is impossible to account for all of them in the system, all one can do is make statistical averages or correlations and approximate the system to make a guess at the weather forecast. Or rather chaos theory may have implications of psycho-dynamic thought theory as a tiny thought emanates from the mind leading to catastrophic results or on the contrary very harmonious results - depending on the context of the thought and how it then interacts with all the other variables till it reaches its end point and due to its attractor the equilibrium of the system intercedes to restore the system to status quo]. 

Example One - my rather irritated state I was in leading me to the reopening and updating of my Kashmir article in 2007, five years on from last looking at it in 2002, seemingly ending up in Bhutto's assassination in Pakistan by the end of that very same day; when I should have been progressing UOCA. Furthermore I then checked the date of the MOND article and it was August 2002, about when I had last looked at Kashmir up in Cairns and roughly the same time an aboriginal in Kuranda had just tried to beat me up and I was running for my life away from him, had to hide in the rainforest cable chairlift office and get the police to hunt him down; and that was all after I had had the police called to my flat by a woman rawfooder who I wanted a relationship with and had rung and misunderstood my messages on her answering machine as pleas to stop me doing something I might regret - which was buying a block of chocolate (I was on a 90% rawfood diet) and not committing suicide.

Hence one should be very careful with one's thoughts and even more so with words and actions, because the microcosmic effects of initiating a thought can be in a word mind blowing in the macro scale as the thought manifests outwards at the speed of light. But this law only seems to have effect at the initial stages, or in the minutest acceleration of the thought-action. Beyond a certain constant depending on the mass of information, the exponential effect diminishes by an exponent after each constant point is reached. With resulting exponential reductions in acceleration of thought energy. [Much the same or more likely the thought energy is in fact inherently connected to the gravitational unifying force, such that it either acts like the graviton or is the graviton. Thus MOND theory links in with psycho-dynamic thought theory, with resulting effects in the macro human practical world of living. In other words, the exact same principles apply to thought as to gravity. The more imperceptible the thought, the less of it, the greater the distance from each other, relatively speaking, like a galaxy being another person's mind, (and two people falling in love, is a collision of galaxies - on a mental level), the gravitational force of that initial thought exponentially increases - making it super powerful in its very initial stages of creation (amended 2015 Oct 19 12.09 PM Rishikesh)]. 

Hence total cosmic consciousness is only achieved once thought is decelerated to zero - infinite consciousness.


I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. Got up late and had a shower into the large bucket that Corey kept to save water.

I went out to the library at one. Started rereading Efil Ym, there were a lot of typos. It was still too garbled in the synchronicity between my life and the world events - in which I was encapsulating examples of this psycho-dynamic thought theory in day to day life and world events. I contemplated removing it. Then updated the Clinton article and sent it to Andrew Marconi, Democrat advisor at the Kennedy Foundation - [ironically without there eventuating another Watergate, however just to throw some spice in the cake, at the same time an unknown Senator decided to make his bid for the White House, Obama, who I knew nothing of but was looking like he might just beat Hilary as Democratic candidate due to the black factor despite her being well ahead of him in the polls and I was torn who to support, leaning towards Hillary, but in my article I was very critical of her husband for being militaristic due to Lewinsky in his final days as President and on that day they revamped Obama's website and social media and he went on to take Ohio and the candidacy for the Democrats - it was a turning point]. Emailed Doug at Willspy asking how to pay him. Emailed the Australian embassy in Mexico. I wanted Tyohar in jail. Another Osho parasitic criminal using his taste of spirituality to control others. A nasty Israeli DJ who had set up a commune in Costa Rica and thought he was god. My email to Doug led to a spiral of events that accelerated vastly out of my control.

Then did some food shopping and returned in the heat to meet Corey. We talked till almost 3am about my life, he seemed fascinated.


New Years Eve, not quite and a Sunday. Up at 10.

Back to the apes. Though perhaps not Kuranda in northern Queensland in 2002. Fifty million years ago, not long after the meteor collision that temporarily cooled the planet to such an extent that it wiped out the dinosaurs and allowed mammal life to develop, the first lemurs came into existence. The first primate creature with finger nails not claws. It has a thumb that is opposed in part of the hand. The snout was short, eyes large and widely spaced so tending to stereo vision rather than smell to sense.  In the next twenty million years the monkeys develop in one branch and the apes in another. Thirty million years ago the first apes were thriving in the forests of a tropical world near Fayum in Egypt. Aegyptopiticus was heavier, shorter snout, moved away from insect eating  and fruits to vegetable matter and possibly raw meat. He had the large canines. Another ten million years on and Dryopithicus was roaming around possibly in Europe, Asia and Africa, the first chimpanzee with colour stereo vision, fully forward eyes, large brain, but his jaw and canine teeth are clearly ape. It was 14 million years ago in Africa and India with Ramapithecus who was the beginning of the first man apes. The teeth are level, the great canines have gone of the anthropoid apes. The face is flatter and it is clear it spends more time on the ground rather than in the trees.

Evolution Of Man    18/7/96
About six million years ago the polar ice caps doubled in size, because the Mediterranean opened up at the straits of Gibraltar and absorbed 6% of the earth oceans’ salt. The oceans’ sea level dropped, then the Med was isolated once again at the straits. And dried up into a burning dead sea salt pan.  The world’s weather patterns changed.
The Med absorbed the salt. Why? The shape of the only connecting opening to the world’s oceans was high and narrow. Thus the salty ocean waters could flow in, but as the heavier salts sank, only the lighter salts would flow out in return. So very gradually the salt build up occurred (and possibly will occur again). As the concentration of seasalt dropped in the world’s oceans much more oceanwater could now freeze. The temperature at which the ocean water could freeze went up. Less concentrated saltwater freezes at a higher temperature than more concentrated saltwater.   A large ice cap formed and a very cold ice age occurred. Our temperate world was created destroying the rainforest climate of the old planet and so forced the semi-human ape to the treeless barren parched plains out of Africa.
Four million years ago drought and cold possibly struck in Kenya. Australopithecus – more ape than man first went on the plains though still used trees - not a good runner, feet like hands, good sight, poor smell, basically stood upright, small teeth suited to fruit, roots, grubs and nuts, not meat. This is the first true ancestor of man as the spine is now moved to the base of the head rather than at the back showing upright walking had developed so that they stood about 4 foot high. The plains then were full of large and dangerous mammals, so survival was tough for this slow, small hairy gatherer. Standing up and looking to avoid surprise, followed with throwing stones and staying in a protective group, making a lot of noise mostly worked. However there must have been something specific about the Kenyan plains - rift valley that gave them an edge which other monkeys had not been able to survive in going down elsewhere. Though it appears in the Transvaal they also came down near Sterkfontein. His brain was not much different from a chimp, but he was bipedal and slowly that brain began to change as he worked out more ways to survive on the ground when going between trees. But he was not a hunter, nor any more a meat eater than a chimp.

Story 1             NO FIRE     
Came down from trees for longer periods due to environmental catastrophe. To survive had to kill. Possibly not killer initially but found deserted remains of animal, so hungry forced itself to eat. Once learned could survive on this, made a stronger mental connection between killing and dead animal.  Started to hunt. To survive. Then started to enjoy killing and eating meat.

Then about two and a half million years ago, slowly their height increased, hips and pelvis became bowl shaped. Spine curved to take the upper body weight. Feet lost their grasp as hands improved. Jaw shrunk with smaller molars, forehead domed, brain doubled in size. Considered to have become hunters to supplement the diet, most importantly they began to use tools as their hands developed. Using sticks and stones to hunt and open carcasses. Possibly they began to sharpen stones by facets. This was the first of man’s species. However they were still more suited to trees than walking on the land. There is some debate whether Australopithecus began to use tools just prior to the first Homo Habilis evolving and no doubt this convergence led to his rapid evolution from Australopithecus or Paranthropus who evolved later and had more agile hands; per the Oldowan tools in Ethiopia.  
Story 2             FIRE
Environmental Catastrophe – an ape-man has to wander for food source. Learns to stand. Starving to death finds charred remains of animal caught in bushfire, so hungry to survive eats it. Eats it in desperation, manages to keep it down and go on eating the meat that has been cooked far more easily than raw meat – so can consume much more meat than before. Act of digesting meat adds complex molecules which increases aggressivity and also brain development. Discovers the remains of larger burnt creatures, with large bones. He already has been using stones as a kind of tool for some time. Manipulates bones with hands to eat, manipulates fuel for fire with hands as well. Wields the bone and digs into the carcass for more meat, cuts with it, breaks with it, eats with it. The first bone like tool. Next consciousness development almost along with connecting fire with eating cooked meat is seeing can use fire to cook raw meat that has been killed hunting. From there the beginnings of attempting to control fire occurs. Carry fire. Use fire to keep warm. Create fire.
One day, while walking in the bush, a bush turkey wanders up to feed on a burnt carcass. An apeman is pulling meat off it, he waves his hand to scare the bird away, but it ignores him. In rage he pulls lose the bone he is chewing on and holding the bone he crashes it down on the head of the bird.  Killing has begun. He sees it is more food. Tries to eat it, but cannot digest it. He throws it away and turns back to the carcass, leaving it on the smouldering remains of the carcass. The bush fire rekindles and the bird starts to sizzle then cook. He turns back and sees. Makes the connection between fire, dead animal and live animal.
Explosion of consciousness occurs in desperation to survive, sees can use bone to kill, then fire to eat it.  First kills small animal and takes it to the burning remains of a bushfire and throws it in. Digs it out, looks similar to what he remembers he ate before. First pre-human experiment in cooking works. Woke him or her up! Hunting to cook meat has begun. Homo erectus starts to evolve.
Sometime after discovering use of fire, his need to hunt then kill to cook the meat, changes his hunting behaviour. He sees he can hunt larger creatures, as the tribe can now eat far more meat if it is cooked. The cooked meat also lasts longer so doesn’t have to be eaten straightaway. Feels the power in the bone. The power in control of fire which no other animal can do. Even he can use fire to defend against other animals. The strength that no longer need be hunted, can hunt, even those that hunted him, he is now hunting. Development of ego - superiority, the male hunter concept. At the same time more sophisticated teaching develops in the tribe to pass on to others this new skill. Further social evolution in group living occurs.
Brain development stimulation increases mental perception so not long before makes connection to manipulating fire, at same time as tries to retain fire (Preservation concept), brain having to really think, experiment with danger (Fire 2nd danger playing with now, 1st was hunting small animals) all to survive. Gradually learns to preserve fire by adding fuel - moderately. Sees benefit in fire by experience, by control of it. Food, warmth, light at night, even protection from predators. Protection of the flame maintaining the fire caused the development of commitment and teaching in pre-human consciousness, all important for better survival and so brain development.
This scenario may not have happened to Habilis 1.9 million years ago, but instead much later to an Erectus, that either led to the further evolution of Erectus about 1.25 million years ago, or according to anthropologists not till Heidelbergensis 600,000 years ago. Both dawnings of consciousness occur at the same time – fire use and killing to put on fire to cook - and if it was only 600,000 years ago that was the earliest use of fire by man to cook as is suggested in the carbon dating record of the oldest hearth fire so far found, it was this that most probably resulted in a rapid development of the frontal lobe to a brain size similar to present man, the jump occurs about 5 million after apeman first started to walk - wander from the trees. And the brain size increase no doubt due to the increased meat consumption from being able to cook and digest more meat. Though regular cooking hearths don’t develop for some time.
1.8 million years ago Homo Erectus Ergaster, the upright man evolved from Homo Habilis and was no longer living in the trees. He also began to lose more and more of his hairy coat in the hot plains. Some form of education had developed over the long childhood of at least ten years and there appears to have been social organization to look after the children based on the fact most died by 20, their parents would not have been alive to look after them.

Stone tool making improved, tapering and sharpening of stones, and so did hunting. In Olorgesailie, Kenya, giant baboons were slaughtered en masse using these stones. But his throat was not yet developed enough for language. Gestures and expressions and rudimentary speech had developed. As had a power grip in his hands but he still had a short thumb so was not dexterous. It may be that the first primitive attempts to use fire began about then. Certainly major changes in the digestive tract of those pre-humans making it smaller, teeth smaller and jaw, rapidly increased brain size, that along with the hunter life, suggest a much higher meat content in the diet that also reduced foraging from 45% to 5% of human activity. It is proposed that the rapid increase in consumption of protein through meat in the diet could only be possible to digest through cooking it. However there is little evidence in fossil remains of fires to support this and most anthropologists consider the vastly increased meat consumption was eaten raw though they have no explanation of how this is possible in that pre-human.
Till this jump he was a mostly vegetarian, wanderer-gatherer. Now he was an omnivore wonderer-gatherer-hunter!

About a million and a quarter years ago there was another change and another Homo Erectus appeared with larger brain, more upright spine going into head, locking knees and developed hand. He was now sufficiently capable to move large distances and survive in changing habitats. From Eastern Africa he began to spread to the Middle East, and into Asia to Java - though Indonesians claim their apeman developed there. About that time he also moved into Europe, but 600 thousand years ago it got too chilly for him. This led to further evolution and technological developments leading to Homo Heidelbergensis who first used stone tipped spears, clothing, fire, cooking hearths and had a brain size similar to modern man. Those that stayed in cold Europe evolved such that their protective skin pigmentation against the sun was no longer needed and from black he became white.
Story Three
Eventually around 400,000 to 250,000 years ago he learns to create fire himself - rubbing wood then flints, sacredness of fire begins along with cooking hearths, ovens, utensils and pots. Possibly the next stage of evolution. Leading to Neanderthals and also Sapiens, but it seems that flint use and hearths predated Sapiens. The more complex tools to deal with fire and cooking probably led to the evolution of Sapiens.

About 400 thousand years ago Heidelbergensis started to cover himself in more animal furs, used caves for shelter and most fundamentally gained more complex control of fire for the cold ice age in Europe. With this rapid evolution sometimes occurred in jumps, sometimes in parallel. He hunted more ferociously and meat consumption increased as a result with the adoption of cooking and being able to create fire. The brain again expanded, the teeth diminished and tool work became more complex with many stone implements being developed. He grew again in height and lost more body hair and developed stronger features, particularly more body fat to cope with the cold - fire, furs and shelter replaced it. This was Neanderthal man, who later did breed in a limited way with Sapiens, but is not considered our forebear.
200,000 years and the first Homo sapiens evolved in Kenya directly from Heidelbergensis and no doubt their development of hearths for cooking. Several more primitive forms of human evoution are still about.
70,000 years ago Lake Toba erupts in Sumatra and almost all homo species are wiped out including erectus in the cold that envelops the planet. Neanderthals survive. Genetic diversity is bottle necked, and the few homo sapiens that survived are our modern ancestors.
Spears, harpoons, sewing and complex speech finally resulted in language and the more modern Homo Sapiens about 50 thousand years ago after another rapid advance in learning, however there is little evolution to him physically to be able to say there has been another evolution in our species. Painting developed mostly of hunted animals, tracks, prints, hand outlines, basic symbols, all done to try and control the animals they hunted, which eventually led to domestication of animals 10-20,000 years ago, along with the discovery of seeds to plant food and huts to live in. His life expectancy was low, but steadily increasing as was his numbers. Still population growth was only about .1%/100 years. But basically we have evolved little since then when civilisation developed with the creation of villages.

[There were a number of relevancies here to the cosmos, MOND, psycho-dynamic thought theory that made it worth bringing up. We were after all humans, so how we came about or evolved was a central factor in determining how we interpreted our universe and as the observer effects the observation that factor had to be taken into account here. On another planet with another alien species they too would have to incorporate their evolution into their grand universal theory.

Firstly, MOND, an acceleration force was at work on humanity. From fairly stable growth rates, humans were starting to vastly accelerate their population numbers on this planet. The rate of growth was in a state of acceleration and needed to be stabilised or like a plague or cancer, it would end up killing its host and itself. What were the laws in evolution biologically at work here? What caused the acceleration? Not physical evolution immediately, but mental in the development of civilisation and in particular agriculture, and after that machines. Was there a correlation between these population growth rates and a statistical law connected to MOND, just like gravity at certain points may change its force and become exponentially more powerful, was a similar law operational with thought in our minds, and also with our population growth due to mental evolution if not physical, that changed at certain intervals corresponding to a fixed constant, an unit of evolution? These theories all held by a thread, and like a house of cards, a scaffolding that could collapse and bring them all down should a support fail, yet there was too much of a coincidence in the way galaxies moved, in the population growth of humanity and in the way our thoughts were conceived, operated, interconnected and expanded.

Secondly, the evolution from ape chimp to man had progressed through certain critical evolutionary turning points that seemed to occur quite rapidly like reaching a certain critical mass or constant in a law, or quanta or packet of energy in which a sudden rapid change occurred like with a catalyst. On the physical level the result had been evolution of the primate to man in species change or sub species, and these had focused around planetary environmental factors, and then the consequences of surviving them altering the species. Use of tools such as stone throwing, increased consumption of meat, cooking, domesticating animals, planting seeds. These points could also correspond to changes in the evolutionary statistics of population growth, but also to evolution itself of the species through physical and mental adaption to the new techniques being used to survive the new environment. Kind of a feedback process very rapidly working on the human ape to make rapid changes to his physical body in a short space of time till a stable equilibrium is roughly reached - hence we don't see a gradual progression in the fossil record of slow steady evolution like in geology. Human, animal and plant evolution on this planet may be subject to the same quantas or packets of change in dynamics as with particles on the atomic and sub atomic level. When for instance an electron moves rapidly to another orbit around an atom due to electromagnetic forces, or even the rapid changes where one particle changes into another particle or energy. I will examine this further later in the theorem in relation to superstring theory and astronomy. The point being that biologically there appeared to be laws in operation in evolution that corresponded holistically with all other universal laws, and that this all centred round an universal unifying law uniting all the forces in the universe with matter. And that force centred round the weakest physical force and most cinematic, being gravity with the most bizarre and controversial of natures that has led to Newton's gravitational laws and the consequent age of enlightenment or reason that evolved society in the 17thC, then that of Einstein's laws of relativity also in relation to gravity and light in the early 20thC, also profoundly affecting society with the Atomic Age and now exponentially at a greater rate the complexities of Quantum Theory, Chaos Theory, Standard Model Theory, Superstring Theory, and MOND with all the slurry of dealing with a cosmos filled with dark matter and energy due to the lack of resolution over what gravity is - a very grave situation indeed for all of us in this Information Age or as I satirically call it the age, or more boringly put the Computer Age (no doubt leading to irate Islamic fundamentalists destroying the WTC on 11/09/01 when the dot com bubble burst and attacking the USA at upsetting Allah, but we will get to the Islamic connotations behind all this at the very end of my treatise on the universe and God's mad sense of humour).  

 ; 2015]


3. Inflaton and the constant Cosmo



A new year and I was deflated. Went to bed taking the last piece of chocolate. Tried to read Scientific American and fell asleep.

I awoke at nineish. Had a shower and shave avoiding his bucket as the water was now cold in it. He had switched off the flush tap so I had to bucket water into the toilet. What could I say, the guy was trying to do the right thing saving water, but reducing technology that was there, ignoring it, and going back to pre-flush toilets and buckets to make his point. It seemed stupid and made me angry that the government had not introduced water recycling ten years ago that would have ended these restrictions. And still could but they would still not do it because people considered it dirty. Instead built desalination plants and planned piping water from the drought struck countryside.

Corey had pointed out Argyle house to find accommodation yesterday. My back went up. The thought of the crisis accommodation I had seen in the city was horrendous.

Our disagreement two days ago where he had asked me to leave by the second was worrying me.

To add to the chaos I had started reading another Scientific American from 1998 January. Inflation in a low density universe about bubble universes.

The big bang caused space itself to expand. A hot dense cauldron of radiation that after 300,000 years had cooled to 3,000 degrees and allowed hydrogen atoms to form becoming transparent and emitting smooth cosmic microwave radiation. Its mass density was uniform to 1 in 100,000.

Why is the current universe so uniform? What caused the density variations in the early universe? Why is the rate of expansion about one omega - ratio of gravitational to kinetic energy?

Rate of expansion is enough to counteract all the matter's gravity in the universe, and enough to counteract its rapid expansion. Omega is proportional to the density of matter in the universe. If it is not one it rapidly changes to zero or infinity.  

Inflationary theory explains that the early universe rapidly expanded - the space (not matter) itself accelerating beyond light speed. Initially they were close enough to have a common density and temperature so remained uniform as expansion occurred and till today. Once inflation stopped slower big bang expansion allowed light to catch up and reach us to show these distant parts of the uniform universe.

Particle physics explains fields as transmitting forces in a function of space-time where its oscillations are particles. 'Inflaton' (not inflation) imparts an anti-gravity force over space. The inflaton field has a potential energy it attempts to reach. This is impeded by a kind of friction in expanding space. As the friction value remains nearly constant, it dominates and holds the inflaton field in place, the anti-gravity force gains in strength relative to gravity causing space to rapidly accelerate. The field eventually weakens and converts to radiation and the standard big bang expansion.

This rapid expansion allows the universe to be in effect flat and uniform - homogenous with omega pushed close to one. Initial irregularities are evened out.

Gravity is a geometric effect - matter and energy warp space-time. Rate of expansion of space effects the omega constant. One it is flat Euclidean geometry. More than one it is spherical geometry or closed positive curvature. Less than one it is hyperbolic geometry, open negative curvature.

Inflation pushes it out so rapidly that the visible portion appears flat.

However observations of the universe show that omega is about 0.3 not 1. The density of matter is much less than predicted.

So either the theory is wrong, or there is additional energy present as a cosmological constant. Acting as a form of matter bending space to flatten it. Or the inflaton field needed modifying.

Coleman, de Luccia and Gott in the early '80s proposed that the inflaton field had two potential energy valleys, one false local minimum and a global minimum. The field expanded after the big bang inflating rapidly until it got stuck in the false minimum. In this false vacuum all matter and radiation were almost entirely replaced by energy of the inflaton field. Quantum fluctuations caused the field to wobble and escape.

This false vacuum decay took place at a random location like boiling liquid. Random quantum fluctuations caused scattered bubbles to nucleate throughout the universe with the true vacuum potential energy inflaton field. Bubbles of this quantum like gas smaller than a certain minimum size collapsed due to surface tension. But where the bubbles energy difference between the quantum fluctuation like gas and the superheated space like liquid overcame the surface tension of the space, the bubbles expand and escape or tunnel out of the false vacuum potential. Once the bubble has expanded to a size where quantum fluctuations no longer have significant effect, the radius continues to expand at the speed of light. When the outside wall of the bubble passed through a point in space, the inflaton field was jolted out of the false vacuum. Inflation continued till it reached the true minimum then standard expansion of our bubble universe applied.

The escape from the false vacuum or second big bang occurs at different times depending on the distance from the centre of the nucleation bubble. The inflaton field value represents the time elapsed since the big bang occurred at that point. There was a time lag in the big bang such that the inflaton was highest on the wall and lowest at the centre. It formed an hyperbola shape as the chronometer-like expansion of the inflaton value happened. On the hyperbolic surface matter density, temperature and time were constant. But not so where the inflaton value differed within the bubble.

In effect the surface of the bubble's inflaton value never changes and it remains extremely hot and dense with time having hardly moved. Perhaps the surface of a black hole. A bubble universe is hyperbolic inside it. We can look back in time to different inflaton values perhaps. But we are forced to travel along the hyperbola as we go through space. This hyperbolic universe has infinite volume due to the melding of space-time, its hyperbolic shape. The bubble itself has finite volume and is constantly expanding. It simply means if we wish to travel along the hyperbolic space by the time we get there it will have expanded such that even if we got to the wall of the bubble, space would be expanding faster than we could reach to go through the bubble - infinitly so such that at our constant inflaton value our universe would seem infinite in volume. (check)

Omega is zero at the bubbles birth. During inflation it increases to one. The inflaton potential sets the rate of change of omega (flattening of the universe). Inflation ends when omega is just below one, then it decreases.

The geometry of the universe and its uniformity do not have to be linked. Uniformity resulted before nucleation or creation of the bubble. Geometry as the bubble grew. Inflation lasts long enough to flaten the hyperbolas. Its duration is independent of the creation of uniformity.

Hyperbolic space is like a saddle in geometry. Angles are more acute and angular size shrinks more rapidly with distance making objects look further apart than in flat space (check). Parallel lines diverge, triangles are less than 180', 2nr is smaller than a circle. Space is infinite. This geometry distorts the background microwave radiation from the big bubble bang or bang depending. (c) Mathematics suggests the largest undulations in a flat universe are one degree. In an open inflationary universe half a degree due to its hyperbolic distortion. So far it measures one degree.

The red shift or Doppler affect moving light to the red end of the spectrum depending on the time it took to reach earth due to the expansion of space in that time. The further the distance the greater the shift. This rate of expansion of space was known as Hubbles constant. To determine distances exploding Ia supernova in galaxies 4 to 7 billion light years away are analysed. Exploding white dwarfs in binary stellar systems.

These explosions are 25% dimmer than expected. This could be due to slight negative curvature of space - hyperbola giving it a greater area. Or they are further away than their red shift suggests, meaning expansion of space was slower than it is now so giving rise to less redshift over time. This means the universe is older and bigger. It also means it is most likely not slowing due to the normal matter observed, and therefore that the density of matter is near empty and negative curvature at a maximum. But the difference in distance compared to redshift predicted is so great that it suggests not just a discrpency in the rate of deceleration, but in fact that space is accelerating apart. This is not possible with normal matter due to gravity always being attractive. Einstein used vacuum energy that adds repulsive gravity throughout space according to a cosmological constant. (Hogan's heros 1999)

As matter is a consequence of space -time, expanding space is contracted by matter exerting gravitational force.

Inflationary theory combined with observations suggests a flat universe. But how can the universe be accelerating apart against gravity of its mass?

Is it that 60-99% of matter that is required to cause it to remain flat yet is unseen or dark matter is hidden in cosmological constant, an ether in the vacuum of space? Virtual particles arising spontaneously due to quantum fluctuations for an instant in a vacuum have been detected as affecting atomic nuclei. The combined affects of these particles throughout the entire universe could exert a gravitational force. Zeldovich showed the total energy was infinite. So to allow for what we observe there must be a cosmological limit on the energy they can emit.

Ordinary baryonic matter in dark massive objects could make up 5% of the matter. Nonbaryonic matter such as exotic particles - neutrinos, axions, or weak interacting massive particles - possibly 30%. 60% cosmological dark energy.

The average density of matter in space and of energy in the cosmo const seem to have the same value now of about 10 e-29 g/cubic cm.

The oldest star in our galaxy is about 10-15 billion years old. Galaxies started to form in the first billion years. Our sun, a secondary star, formed after 7 billion years, the earth around the 9 billion mark and latest estimates suggest a 13 billion year old universe now. The sun fades out around 17 billion.

The density of matter if it exceeds a critical value will be open and expand forever, less - closed and contracts, equal - expands at a decelearting rate tending to zero.

However cosmo energy if fixed repulsive force as its density of energy in space remains the same, as space expands it will overtake the ever diminishing density of matter in space, so regardless of the critical value cause space to expand forever. But what if cosmo is not constant?

Galaxies are considered to have evolved from the enlargement of quantum fluctuations to macroscopic size during inflation. (c) Ripples in cosmic microwave radiation should appear if dark nonbaryonic matter exists. Slow growth of rich clusters of matter into galaxies suggests the density of matter is 50% below a flat universe.

Evidence of microwave radiation show a flat universe, while supernova suggest an accelerating universe. To attain this a cosmological vacuum energy which reduces the repelling force to gravity from collective quantum fluctuations from infinity to just above zero has to be formulated.

Anthropic principles of multiverses forming in inflation with varying cosmos? A cosmo that's quintessential energy density varies with time? A bizarre open universe that appears flat?

(Kraus, 1999)

It is 4.31 am 2/1/8 and Corey wants me to go tomorrow. Walking up to Grimwade to resolve my mind, a call using Optus to Krisna produced a blank. I told them he could ring me. Then my mother, I tried to see how she could change to decency, it seemed impossible, we both seemed to want the other dead rather than compromise. I walked back and thought the only way out was to get off the pension by getting a medical report that said I was not incapacitated. Remove the label of disabled. Then work for money. The donation thing, where I could not ask for money it had to be given freely, was an hypocrisy, I was effectively asking for money from the government claiming I was too ill to work. It seemed to directly correlate to my depression and inability to relate to others, even on the same path. I was flawed but most certainly the welfare system was too. Was the ultracapitalistic phase required by myself to evolve as I suggested for Auroville? Something had to end the depression and alienation. I got choc heaven and chips, Corey would not be bribed, so I scoffed the lot, he suggested again some derelict backpackers up the road. I sensed the brake he was putting on UOCA because of his own hypocrisy with materialism. I had an idiot supposed yogi trying to shove me back into a dim dark polluted hell. Why did I want to crush the guy? His hospitality had a price, on one side I was not sure if he was gay and I had failed to deliver, on the other I had to listen to his advice in the hope the cosmic intelligence was in some abberant form acting through him. Either felt unpleasant as did the prospect of leaving with nowhere to go. A kind of cruelty I was being subjected to by the universe - perhaps the cosmological constant? The same cruelty that would not let me sleep until I had researched the expanding universe to discover where it was heading - accelerating. I was on the final page of inflation. That sickly nervousness of exams permeated as I rested with an unknown destination. Purity should take me to Highwood for diet and morality. Goenke for ethics and meditation. BK for peace, the Thai's for environment, Tibetans for merit, HK for love, YHA for travellers.

For order and cleanliness, an university. Satyananda for yoga.

Hawking and Hartle in 1983 conjectured that applying quantum field theory to the entire universe produced a cosmic wave function which gave rise to the universes initial conditions. Time takes on a spatial direction with no future or past, no beginning in effect to time.

Linde 1994, suggests quantum fluctuations cause the inflaton field to roll up from its minimum potential. The majority of the universe is inflating only a small region where we are is stable and unfolded fully. Different pockets have different physical constants.

Gott suggests our bubble broke off from a cyclic proto-universe.

Quantum fluctuations on inflation causes different points in space to have slightly differing amounts of inflation. As inflation ended energy remaining in the field became radiation for the standard big bang expansion. This energy varied as did the inflation from place to place. So the density of the radiation varies.

Cosmic background radiation should show these undulations. Open inflation shows ripples caused by imperfections in the nucleation of the bubble. Propagation of fluctuations outside the bubble - bubble collisions. So we can get indications through large scale current manifestations in the universe caused by these patterns. In 2007 the Planck satellite was due for launch which should give the microwave data.

(Bucher and Spergel, 1999)

It is 6 am and light. They must have now worked out which model is right. Cosmo or open inflaton. Does it matter? Will it lead me home? And what of MOND-L?

I had a shower then went to bed. I awoke at almost 11 feeling beaten up. Had another shower and shaved. Community services rang while the mobile was on Optus, I rang back and explained about Bruce. I slowly packed. Then meditated and decided to go to Argyle House for crisis housing. They had nothing for the night. She said ring early. I went to the library and added creative courses to the blog. Lentils sent a cryptic message back in relation to Bruce.

I met Kim back at the house then at the supermarket. I arranged to go to a Thai monastery in a week. Booked the Metro YHA and took a train out of the Jewish ghetto to North Melbourne. Had a healthy dinner.

Visions of the sky disintegrating in a bubble collision and thoughts of how inflaton fields and hyperbolic space could affect us now. Even the cosmo harnessed to build an anti-grav raft. Or hyperbolic space to invent a hyperbole drive to tunnel across the remnants of the inflaton field propelled by the ghost radiation left to arrive at our nearest star system Alpha Centuria in a week. Corey at the helm. Black holes as bubble collisions.

10.15 pm

About nine days to wait.

A Frenchman from Nantes - accountant Proctor and Gamble working in Newcastle UK in a month.

In reading room, third floor.

Door opens.

MOND - the theories had to fit together. Interlace. All correct in part. And superstring was the glue.

We were in a hyperbolic bubble, falsely inflated but now at its true potential. But what the inflator's did not realise was the potential was limitless, endless false vacuum potentials and we were at the bottom of the second in a long line, where a further bubble was due to break out, nucleate and begin another inflaton descent to the next potential. And the black holes where the nucleation, the bubbles forming depending on spatial surface tension in the quantum sea. And even the cosmological constant with its dark energy, a sort of Darth Vader of anti-the force be with you. The repelling anti-grav of quantum fluctuations throughout all space. I still could not understand how an anti grav force repelling matter, accelerated space apart, so flung distant stars and galaxies apart like a whirling sling, yet what of the force of attraction inwards to the galactic core that all this missing matter appeared to generate. A pizza was announced over the speakers for Raviv. Synchronicity. Flat pan or deep pan space? Like yeast would the dough of quantum space be inflated to the right temperature then cool gradually until eaten. While the olive galaxies remained roughly constant during heating unlike the spatial ether of dough which expanded. But all turned soggy as it supercooled. And who was Raviv, an Indian mystic or an acronym for the pizza inflaton field's cosmological constant. Or had I made a fundamental calculation error in no maths and like these theoretical physicists was out by a hundred decimal places. Or whose SD error difference was greater than the size of the universe.

It came down to age. Why had I felt that I had disappeared from the Earth yet still inhabited a body? A small miniscule part of me felt connected to this body and the other entities here. But mostly I simply, like the false inflaton field, had simply irradiated away on falling to my lowest potential. On this dead sun called earth. Where other inflaton field beings had collapsed to their omega one constant. Some of these were still collapsing and their inflaton values differed. Currently the universe was at 0.3 omega. I was at about 0.05 omega so represented only the baryonic matter - stuff you could see or bash into. Who was at 1.0 omega - the flatland happy smiley people with no apparent thought processes. And of course there were the zeros, those that no-one recognised. Dissipated personalities of just say deros or tramps wandering the streets. But what of those who had gone above one omega on dead star earth? Did they have a watch made in Switzerland? Were they hypercontracting into a big black hole - who did they represent? Was omega inverse to the age of the beings? And how did cosmo dance with it? Was someone on speed above one omega, and did a feotus have a massive omega rate?

Call it being in a YHA where humour and youth rule and old omega's fade away.

I felt cosmology was sucking me in,

Dear Atma,

Dear Yip,

I am writing to both of you because together you represent the two opposites of the spectrum fundamentalist Christian and fundamentalist Hindu. What better way to get to fundamentals than to bring together two fundamental opposites. Both absolutely convinced they have the fundamentals right. But can both be fundamentally right with quite opposing beliefs?

Do you believe only one of you is right? The other wrong. And who is that? The other one? An interesting surface tension is created. Lets call it the Yip-Atma religious surface tension of cosmic bubble Earth. This bubble is trying to nucleate from the false vacuum potential it is sitting in. Once its surface tension has reached a sufficient tensile strength it can pop out of the false inflaton field liquid quantum fluctuations and inflate its bubble rapidly to its true potential inflaton minimum, which unbenownst to it is also another false bottom.

But before this bubble can superinflate and tunnel out to create another universe, the tensile energy has to be fairly huge otherwise the Yip-Atma constant collapses back into its false belief vacuum which in general it is happy to sit in. To give it sufficient strength a trinity of forces is required to quite literally kick start them together. Both the Yip and the Atma can be categorised as the most stupid and stubbornly resistant forces in all the multiverses, and this is why they are so fascinating to study. Out of all the possible bubbles boiling away trying to reach their correct surface tensions this bubble is the ultimate paradox of paradoxes.

The Yip is the male force, the Atma the female. As they are a paradox they also have a Feng Shui element. Yip is from the East but represents the West and Atma is from the West but represents the East. It is a natural contradiction in fundamentalism. They are the mother and father of religious fundamentals. As all quarks can only form an Atom in threes so it is with this bubble. The third force is of course the gluon for a quark. So who is the gluon, the product of the mother and father is of course the child. And for the purpose of this thought experiment it can only be me. The living incarnation of God.

4. Superstring

"Standard Model
1.          Quantum Chromodynamics"
She was trying to crack Sheldon's theory on strong versus electroweak forces.
Electroweak divided into weak and electromagnetic. It was the symmetry breaking she was concerned with. Messenger particles transmitted the force in an information stream not unlike a modern telephone line. Photons for the electromagnetic force. Gluons for the strong within the atomic nucleus and weak gauge bosons (W and Z) for the weak force between particles such as electrons.
Linking in the graviton was her dream and superstring theory appeared to be the answer. (?)Its very weak gravity particles were stitched together by connecting gravitons. Quarks used gluons to connect by the strong force within protons and neutrons. Blue, green and red had identical symmetry known as strong force symmetry or gauge symmetry. All was identical(?) except the charge shifted. Cheng Ning Yang had discovered this in the 1950s.
General relativity according to the mechanistic model stated in small regions of space huge fluctuations randomly enveloped particles... John Wheeler described this poetically she thought, as the Quantum foam. Greatly at odds with the gentle flow of relativity, the uncertainty of quantum statistics produced a dot matrix effect beneath the Planck length 10 –33exp meters. At this size our entire universe would fit into a tree if an atom was the same size as a Planck length. Very small she thought. At these lengths space-time begins to crack up and universal laws fractured to create a chaotic world where anything was possible. Particles randomly disappeared and reappeared.
Superstring bypassed this conundrum by stating the universe could not get any smaller than a Planck length that was the limit in which it would start expanding again when reduced any further. Oscillating one-dimensional filaments called strings were the base of this system. The elemental structure of the universe from which all things came and its length was the Planck length. This denied the theory that the universe was made up of dimensionless point particles occupying a singularity. But her theory and hunch was that both theories were true and that the final twist in the grand unified theory was co-existence of alternate universal pictures similar to the wave and particle both existing until an observation was made that particularised the frame of reference of the energy picture. Not only that but that approximating the singularity theory to the string theory using Planck length geometry would solve the link with the graviton and shatter the symmetry dilemma.
The by-product of this was that in obtaining experimental proof empirically, via particle accelerator collisions, miniature worm tunnels could be created in space time where rips in the space fabric were manifested and through the wrapped up 7 space dimensions a link could be created almost anywhere in the universe between two points. A singularity in a string. So far they had managed to teleport in a way an electron instantaneously between particle accelerators in CERN and those in Texas. It had required enough electricity to power a major city to do it. But the latest experiments proved it could be done. Hyperspatial travel. Her research was taking her into the bizarre area of uncertainty, and through a chaos random fluctuation matrix linked to a reverse osmosis process huge quantities of matter had the possibility of being slung through space instantaneously, the only problem it would require the energy of a star to send them. However, the new process she was working on would allow a fairly heavy space ship to be ejected through space-time safely to any point within a hundred parsecs, furthermore incredibly it appeared this could be done with a small nuclear powerplant that could be contained within such a ship. So far her research had been scoffed at publicly and never gone beyond mathematical theory.
The icing on the cake was reducing the measurement units of science to their quintessential reality as universal measurements based on the constants of our universe such as c. By reductionism using simultaneous equations the earth based units of measure can be transposed to locate the universal units which in the process would simplify and naturally link physics equations and reveal the interconnection of forces to each other in an harmonious manner. She felt she was working on Veneziana's breakthrough in 1968 the year of the revolutions. Euler's Beta function was the mathematical basis for this. 200 years ago Leonhard Euler had breached this question of one-dimensional limits.”  TWATTS 2010. Scifi Novel

The grand universal theory based on superstring theory is that the 1st to 3rd dimensions are spatial, 4th time, 5th to 11th dimensions are also spatial on a minute level, they are rolled up in space to a planck length 10 exp -33 m in length. These dimensions interact according to the Calabi Yau of Superstring theory. All matter and energy, in fact everything in the universe is a product of interactions of minute one dimensional strings vibrating at different frequencies. In fact it is the frequency of vibration and looping of the elemental string that dictates the type of particle or the force transmitter. Frequency therefore gives rise to increasing or decreasing matter in particles. The tension in the string affects the vibration, frequency and therefore particle type – T = 1/2 p a’ (square of string length scale). So complex are these strings interactions across multiple spatial dimensions that mathematicians and physicists using super computers can only make estimations of the formulas for the complex calculations of the interactions of these strings in space time – this is the mysterious world of the Calabi Yau that conventional [singularity] physicists deny is a reality of our universes make-up. More bizarre is these strings appear capable of transforming themselves - shearing. Such that the separate dimensions can be crossed, the strings or forces can transform themselves to other forces or strings in what is known as ‘dualities’ that not only link strings or forces, but the five superstring theories, I, IIA, IIB, heterotic HO and HE. For instance a string can wind itself around a circle in a small curled up space dimension many times known as the winding number and also travel round it at a certain momentum in one of the flattened space dimensions.

“Now the weird thing about string theory is that these momentum modes and the winding modes can be interchanged, as long as we also interchange the radius R of the circle with the quantity Lst2/R, where Lst2 is the string length squared.

If R is very much smaller than the string length, then the quantity Lst2/R is going to be very large. So exchanging momentum and winding modes of the string exchanges a large distance scale with a small distance scale.
This type of duality is called T-duality. T-duality relates Type IIA superstring theory to Type IIB superstring theory. That means if we take Type IIA and Type IIB theory and compactify them both on a circle, then switching the momentum and winding modes, and switching the distance scale, changes one theory into the other! The same is also true for the two heterotic theories.
So T-duality obscures the difference between large and small distances. What looks like a very large distance to a momentum mode of a string looks, looks to a winding mode of a string like a very small distance. This is very counter to how physics has always worked since the days of Kepler and Newton.”  

The same is true for the coupling constants of forces, between weak and strong coupling, which also are interchangeable in S-duality. This constant depends on one of the oscillation modes of the string called the dilaton which minus itself exchanges a force with a very large constant with a seemingly unrelated force with a very small coupling constant i.e. gravity with electroweak force.

The apparent dissimilar nature of vector analysis leads us to the only conclusion that the quantum chaos theory is incorrect and that the only viable result is to repudiate the entire equation within string theory. This is best analysed through dynamic equilibrium constants and regretfully can only be constructed adequately through a breakdown of dynamic field harmony theories. I would qualify all these statements that contracipify the known outcomes. Two fold manifold theory in M theory equates to a brane system dissipation odds ratio. Conclusive confusion abides in chaos M theory bringing about dual resource allocations to global warming issues. A l-a(u*gh)/a minute costs nothing in M theory, however cross polarity integration of binomials in complex number theory bisects whole integer imaginary numbers leading to the inevitable result that KKK must equate with REP in a stable atomic nucleus.

I can well understand the theoretical physicists asking how on earth I could make such statements with virtually no knowledge of theoretical physics. Firstly they will deny the conclusions, then they will deny I discovered them, and finally they will say it was a random coincidence. And in all these conclusions they will be right, because the theory of probability waves manifesting on consciousness by the observer will prove them and myself correct. That is that I am simply the decoding mechanism at the other end of the paradigm or the experiment and they should understand by now that my consciousness is simply typing random keys into the keyboard and I have virtually no say about what I am typing, it is ‘them’ that have made the discovery and not I. I am merely the confirmation of all their work. So now that the experiment is confirmed, I simply request you leave me to complete my life as I wish on Earth. It seems one further proof is required of me. This I will not conclude that the very last vestiges of humanity can escape from further dissection and hence N theorem.

N theorem = z x v apl - *jk/ gh;o% (52@qc2(qwerty))n-1^! = 0

Put it down to having too much spare time on the computer and no proper job for distraction. For those that have tortured themselves mentally enough at this stage simply go to and forget physics. For the foolish...

Therefore because of these dimensional force transformations in effect, small and vast distances are not fixed but fluid dependent on how measurement is conducted or probed. Hence a kind of synchronous interconnectedness is suggested to everything no matter how far or close it is apart in the universe. Similarly a string of force of one coupling type in one dimension seems able to translate across the dimensions to become or exist as a force in another dimension.

The crux of the argument is that nothing can get smaller than the minute planck length and that is the length of the string in a sense. The storm of quantum fluctuations that distort spatial harmony and logic at less than these lengths are simply avoided by creating a model in which the Universe is limited in size to this length. To go smaller than that and the world contractospands back into the growing size that is greater than the planck length. The mathematics majestically supports this and harmonises the graviton into the equation of a string matter force oscillation, that all other forces are made up of.

Matter is a string, energy is a string, the interaction of forces is transmitted by strings. These rolled up dimensions are vital in detailing the structural rules of our universe. Each compacted dimension allows strings to vibrate in a certain manner according to the shape of that dimension and so together all the dimension’s shapes in effect allows the string to manifest the properties of all the particles and forces in the Universe – the Callibu Yau manifold. Furthermore I hypothesise that for elegance each of the compacted dimensions carries or allows the string to vibrate due to its shape one each of the transition forces (being the separate forces we recognise in our expanded spacetime such as electromagnetic, gravity, etc) of the unified force being thea unique force in all spacetimeit that limits our universe, one could say further that each dimensionone contains the standard base constant of that transition force, which should gives rise to the basic unit of that transition force.

Furthermore string theory requires that every particle that transmits a force (boson) there must be released or connected a corresponding particle of matter (fermion). This is known as supersymmetry.

Strings are interesting because unlike particles they can have variable time effects along their length – a particle is limited to one moment of time, one parameter.

“A closed string can do something that a particle cannot do: get wrapped around the circle in the compact dimension. A closed string can be wrapped around the circle once, twice, or any number of times, and the number of times the string is wrapped around the circle is called the winding number w. The string oscillator sum in the x exp25 direction changes by a constant piece in a way that is consistent with the periodicity of the closed string and the compact dimension called the Closed string winding number. The string tension Tstring is the energy per unit length of the string. If the string is wound w times around a circular dimension with radius R, then the energy Ew stored in the tension of the wound string is the String winding mode energy. ” ?  

This gives rise to W string theory, hw where the operational limit is defined by the expl

The rolled up spatial dimensions contain a shape configuration that allows the string to manifest a particular force transmitter for instance the graviton and therefore the force of gravity as per se the 5th space dimension, although the number of these dimensions are just labels and are interchangeable in order. 6th strong nuclear force, 7th electro-magnetism and 8th weak nuclear force, 9th superstring and 10th brane, [I have labeled these last two arbitrarily as forces as they have not been defined; there is an 11th currently being researched by CERN and superstring physicists under the label M theory which resurrected the original supergravity theory]. No physical force has yet been discovered that relates to the 9th and onward dimensions, I have simply made up convenient names for the possible force that may be discovered. No doubt these forces and a 12th to infinity dimensions will be discovered in time.

There are three unknown spatial dimensions corresponding to three unknown universal forces, the 4th, 9th and 10th, also the three unwound space dimensions must also correspond to a force, also unknown. {Answer computer coded (sorry it's as far as They would inform me telepathically - the rest is for you to decipher): As aus Ilin influx momentum monument all momentom atom ic nature. Binomial theory. Momentum has momenoton particles surrounding them. Chaoes quantification factors – Lornetz. Gleick in Chaos prophecises the end of order. Bohm’s quantum potential. Phase space.}

If the planets could be seen as electrons rotating round a nucleus (sun) with gravity the equivalent in the large scale of the weak nuclear force. The electro-magnetic force would be equivalent to the gravity attracting separate stars together or star systems. Finally the strong nuclear force would be equivalent to the gravity holding the planet or star together within itself. These three other forces may be forces connecting groups of atoms together, massive groups of atoms together and mega-massive groups of atoms together. An inter-molecular force (such as hydrogen bonding), massive groups of molecules or atoms, and mega massive which may be gravity itself. Alternatively the forces may be relating to within the quarks or electrons and holding them together.

If it is true that in actual fact this world is a macro micro interconnection continuity and electrons are in fact planets and nuclei sun, then why the differences between the systems. Are not all electrons the same? And do not they rotate in a different way and sometimes in the same orbit? Where is the positive negative charge? Could not possibly be interconnected? Bar some observations, if planets are really electrons, then we are in a close to quantum frenzy world here on Earth, close to the Planck length, after all did not Greene say a string would be the size of a tree so to speak in our universe. Did he get that dimension right? Ha ha. Time itself would also be close to Planck time, in other words the rotation of our planet would be equivalent in one year to the rotation of an electron round a nuclei. How many billion times does it do that a second – hard to grasp the comparison? But the maths can be done. Therefore I hypothesise that the electron can so to speak perhaps be massively more heavy than our little quantum probability particle string suggests. And electrons can vary in mass significantly from Plutos to Jupiters. Oh astrologists you will love me. The nuclei we are already agreed can have various masses within the periodic table. From red dwarf to supernova – no doubt Plutonium. So the Earth has been rotating about 8 billion years around the sun which has been in existence not much longer than that. So in atomic terms how many rotations around a nuclei would 8 billion take in our time? A millionth of a second? A second? Ten minutes? A year? A hundred years? If it rotates close to the speed of light then we are talking about a billionth of a second or less. Either way it suggests that our universe or certainly our solar system in this macro micro relative comparison is hardly born. Our little atomic solar system according to the maths and physics currently available might simply be a nucleus or an atom created a billionth of a second after the big bang, when perhaps in that energy field for that length of time it would be quite plausible for electrons or leptons surrounding a nucleus to vary in mass, to be significantly heavier or lighter. Or does it suggest the whole big bang theory is simply a nonsense? The universe is in fact never ending and never beginning – we are simply obsessed in a big bang due to our Christo-Judaic biblical genesis story of the light and seek subliminally to justify that myth. Buddho-Hindus are not so bound. If this is true, the Big Bang then our atom solar system could not exist, because no atoms in the universe existed in the first billionth of a second. Certainly not one with eight electrons. Unless the maths is wrong.

What relative mass would a standard electron have rotating a nucleus if we magnified to the size of our sun, with say 12 electrons in atom, just what sort of atom is our solar system in the quantum world? Barely 9 planets and a few weird comets. What leptons are these?

Officially now 8 planets, so what element has 8 electrons surrounding it? The sun itself may be an oxygen atom in a molecule of dna strand in a cell called the Milky Way galaxy, and the galaxies may make up an organ in a body that is walking around on a planet that is another atom in a solar system that continues like a mathematical puzzle for ever. Does it matter?

Yes, because if it is true then all our theories of creation and time scale based on the big bang are a nonsense. IN other words the universe may be vastly older if a big bang theory is true at all, not just quadrillions of years old but vastly older than that say 10 exp 31 years or eternal. Possibly also our planet is vastly older and our sun. But assume for the moment it is not and that it has just been created, but will have an existence not for 16 billion years before it burns out, because if this is true then our solar system is one of these weirdly formed atoms that effectively survives for a billionth of a second in our quantum analysis. If in fact it is statistically far more stable atom and exists for billions of years real time then in quantum time that equates to a solar system existing for 10 exp 30 years. Which would have to be a requirement if we were an atom in a human. But the maths does not support a sun existing that long at current rates of energy burning. Our star formed by matter in gas form collascing by gravity from a remains of a supernova; quantum speaking, the analogy to an atom’s creation with say eight electron orbit would be only possible inside a sun, where helium, hydrogen and so forth got fused together. The old theory described in a quantum way would be that fission occurred such that a massive atom blew up or radioactively disintegrated, recreating out of its waste material a couple of other atoms smaller than it. As we have already explained the billion or so years it would take to create those other suns from the gas debris would be ten billionths of a second quantum time. In which case we are, the sun is, the byproduct of radioactive decay and is in its first billionth or so of a second of its very long life as an atom. And this state of planets in the current form we see them and the sun radiating this massive amount of energy is a state of atomic affairs or solar affairs that lasts quantumly only in the first billionth or so of a second after decay then the more stable form of the solar system will come into being which will remain for 10 exp 30 years. Most likely dull little red dwarfs, or black holes or possibly our sun will contract into something as cold as a planet, [in fact are all our planets trapped dead stars that got caught by the sun]. If this is the case our sun may be in a very brief transition phase to something like Jupiter, and in fact the moons may be the electrons, but again the dimensions fall to bits with the distances being far too close and far too heavy to qualify for the atoms we understand. And where is the positive negative electric charge in it all on a solar scale?

If gravity is in fact the unifying force underlying all other forces including electric, and the macromicro universe is true, then the massive gravity of planets and suns must somehow be the equivalent of the electromagnetic electron proton charge if viewed on a massive scale. But gravity is only attractive? Not repulsive. It all has to do with velocity and light speed. Planets do not seem to repel other planets. So theory fails. Unless there is some undiscovered repulsion field in gravity at the planetary scale? Turbulance

Chaotic phenomena in data, prediction – where all have same preferences but cannot have this preference because only one can have that state – dynamics are non-linear in a mind set that is linear. Result is unstability. Orbit around two suns could have a planet going round chaotically around both. Hyperion around our gas planet tumbles chaotically in its rotation on its axis. Jupiter has a large red spot, in a turbulent weather system, that remains regardless over time, there are limits to chaos. Within certain limits chaos will remain in. Attractors define the chaos, strange attractors allow unstable changes. Seemingly unpredictable. Small fluctuations give rise to long term unpredictable changes, yet there is a pattern they follow defined in the Mandelbrot equation.

Example data prediction with strange attractor:-

Cornice breaking away at a sudden moment, axe pick into the ice, hollow in ice and pick goes through. Then complete collapse of ice face, climber crashes down, leg hits bottom and lower leg goes into knee, splits it and continues into upper leg. Second climber sees his mate. Time is running out to get down. Does he leave him? He was two pieces of 50 m rope. Attaches it to buddy and lowers him down on one rope. Then changes it to the other. They are at 6500 m. Ground base camp is at 3000 m. He has to get down in 5 hours. At what rate does he have to let his buddy down. Is it going to hurt his buddy sliding at that rate to save his life? He hurts him further forcing him down at that rate further injuring the leg. Then at 5000 m lowering the rope Simon lowers it and his buddy goes over a cliff edge. Joe has one of the ropes attached to him and cannot loosen rope as hanging, so that Simon cannot change ropes. Joe tries to climb back up the rope but cannot. Simon starts slipping towards the edge of the cliff. He has a penknife in his backpack, does he cut the rope?

He cuts it and Joe falls 50 m into a crevice, but survives. It starts getting dark, he lies there stuck and starts shouting ‘stupid’ then ‘fuck’. He cries. Does Simon hear him?


Simon stays the night on the mountain. Next morning he is dehydrated, and abseils over the cliff edge, does he check into the crevice?

He does not and continues on.

Joe attempts to climb out of the crevice and uses his pick axe, but half way up he falls back down.

Simon walks out along the glacier to a friend at base camp.

The crevice goes further down. Does Joe lower himself further down it?

He does. He uses the two 50 m ropes to go down. He gets to the bottom and there is a slope going up with sunlight.

Joe is in fact on an eggshell of ice which he has to cross, to get to the sunlight. He has to pull himself across the ice with the broken leg.

Does he make it?

He does. He gets out and has to go down the glacier and avoid the crevices, there are Simon’s footsteps to follow. It is several kilometers to the base camp. 3 kms to the end of the glacier. Does he walk out?
                No, he crawls. How fast must he crawl to get to the end of the glacier?

It starts snowing and gets dark, he loses the tracks. He survives the next morning of the sixth day. How much further must he crawl?

He makes it to the edge and the rocks, 5 more kms to base camp. He dumps his climbing gear. And ties his sleeping mat round his leg, he stumbles along in agony, he is very dehydrated, how fast must he move to get to base camp?

Simon and his friends, are thinking of leaving the base camp, they think Joe is dead. Do they leave?

That night he sleeps, how far is he from base camp?

He is alive the next day, how fast must he crawl, hobble to get to base camp as Simon is ready to leave? When is Simon and friend leaving? He needs water. A stream is 1 km away. How long to get there?

He reaches the stream. And drinks. He crawls on. How much further to go and what time to do it in?

There is a lake near the base camp. The cloud cover comes in. He reaches the lake and cries. It is dark. Has Simon left? How far from the lake is he? Is he at the base camp?

Joe starts halucinating. Does he get into his sleeping bag? Does he stop or continue?

He hears a song by Bony M ‘Show me a motion tra la la la’. “A brown girl in the ring”. What is the next line?

Are they are in the base camp?

He crawls into a smelly area, it is a toilet hole. He shouts out. Do they hear him? Is he at the base camp?

His friend hears a voice, ‘Simon’. Does he believe Joe is alive after 3 days, a fall, a broken leg and lost? When they see him do they believe it is him or do they think it is a ghost, and which is the truth?
                What force took him down?

Do they cut open his suit and boot?

No, Joe says it is too expensive.

What food does Richard offer him first?

Egg roll that is stale.

Does he eat it?

No it is too dry.

Joe hid money in the rocks. Do they find it?

They have to get down, the villages come with mules, do they put him on a mule with his gangranus broken leg?

Does he fall off?

He is tied on and does a 180 flip.

A rebel is about to attack the village.

Are there vehicles in the village?


There is one radio at the police station, do they allow them to use the radio for free?


They get to the hospital in Lima and does the hospital honor their insurance?


In 2002 a film is made and Joe and Simon return, Simon says he feels nothing about the place, it is one of many experiences, does Simon feel guilt?

Does Joe hallucinate and return to the time he was back in 1985 and they have left? Is this true?

Siula Grande Andes 1985.Touching the Void.

It seems in our universe things move in very small fixed leaps or packets of motion of energy. In Radium alpha particles tunnel out of its nuclei on decay. Statistics two worlds exist in a hybrid reality where projected on top of each other, where electron spins in both directions at once. Observation manifests it. Many worlds. Schrödinger’s cat, are possibilities there, then continuing realities are there and an infinite number of universes spinning off others. Neils Bohr, interface of two quantum and classical. The cross over point – where we do not see them, complexity mass – potential realities are not really real. Quantum system get too complex it statistically moves to a classical fixed reality. The observer matters because alters system. Act of measurement can never be taken into account to alter the observation. Gravity pulls it towards the classical reality. All possibilities do occur. Science overrides evolution based on survival of the fitest as it looks at concepts unnconnected to immediate survival. Although this may be simply a different form of survival of the fitest based on a new paradigm of an evolving form of survival in a modern society.

5. Super Brane

The main thrust of Quantum physics is that particles, energy and force in this universe come in packets not waves, a certain point of chaos is met where a sudden transition from one level to the next occurs and occurs very rapidly in relation to the previous state or level. It is at that point of gross change or fluctuation that Chaos theory prevails. But underlying all this is the fact that matter and energy can act like a wave and all depends on observation. Such that consciousness is essential to reality manifesting from its probability wave, from form into substance. Non-locality means that instantaneous information is sent between particles separated from each other described as defacto teleportation; in other words when the probability wave is observed and reality manifests, particles once connected but now separate instantaneously both change to respective parts of the manifested probability wave i.e. they become spin a and spin b photons. How does this communication occur instantly? Is it through the compactified dimensions where alterations would appear instantaneous?

How can forces be localized to a spatial dimension? In the fifth dimension space time gravity is the only force, or in other words all the other forces can be described as gravity exuding from the graviton – originally proposed by Kaluza-Klein compactification in 1920s for particle physics. Calabi-yau puts together 6 space dimensions to form a compact space where its geometry and topology determine the symmetries and spectrum of particle theory at low energy and large distances.

The braneworlds are a subspace of a bigger space that we can not see because almost all matter and forces are limited to move on our subspace or brane. This total space is called the bulk and contains all the dimensions. Electromagnetism’s charges and fields only propagate on the brane, so have no effect in the extra dimensions. Gravity’s effect on the shape of spacetime means that it should mostly exist across all dimensions. Braneworlds are not dimensionally compacted and do not require gravity to give rise to all the other forces.

String theory goes beyond one dimensional strings, it contains objects called p-branes that encompass all eleven dimensions from a point at zero to p = 10. It seems at low energy, the energy density of non gravitational fields exhibits these p dimensional subspace objects. D branes have open one dimensional strings that are localized at the end of the string where they collectively excite each other linking across dimensions (T-duality) and give rise to the entropic nature of for instance what occurs at a quantum state in a black hole.

The low energy limit of supergravity theory seems to provide the special limits on all the other theories. This M theory contains M branes which in the 10th circular space dimension through winding round the circle of a two dimensional M2 brane, links in at the limits of very strong coupling in IIA revealing this extra dimension. The crux is that the strings fluidly move across all dimensions depending on how they are viewed or measured.

Having gone to ANU to study astro-physics in 2000, after 2 months I realised the spiritual futility in an academic system, based on cramming information and manipulating mathematical formulas without putting precedence on theoretical knowledge, and a complete absence of holistic integration of body-mind-spirit, which I believe is devolving humanity to bio-robotic life via career-specialisation, and evolving our replacement, an automated silicon intelligence that was first channeled to me in 1996 at Airlie Beach. Six years later I developed a theory of the Universe based on Capra and Greene and Buddho-Hinduism. The theory attempted to explain the Universal scientific basis for the outline of my vision for a new age is a community of love and health where the aim is immortality, eternal youth and vigour. A reversal of aging through diet then breatharianism to merge the physical with our light bodies.

So therefore I have but a layman’s grasp of these theories and virtually no mathematical knowledge of their proofs, I simply accept the validity of the maths based on the scientists and mathematicians abilities which are vastly beyond mine. My suppositions are largely intuitive and based on a logical, linguistic and visual appreciation of the theories.

My psychic-diet theory is each space dimension corresponds to a yogic chakra point in the human body. They also correspond to evolutionary development in physical nutrition and diet which open up higher dimensions of spiritual and physical consciousness. 3rd dimensional being is a meat eating omnivore, 4th vegetarian, 5th rawfooder, 6th fruitarian, 7th breatharian, 8th ascended being – no breath, 9th demigod or astral lord – astral plane and 10th godhead – ethereal body; [11th is a time dimension and under conjecture as God – nirvana, or the proverbial tortoise Kurma, the second incarnation of Vishnu, holding up the universe and allowing it to move or to be stirred in the sea of milk of existence as the early Hindu mystics so clearly saw correctly]. ESP, telepathy, psychic powers, astral soul travel and god self-realisation develop in the higher dimensions giving greater awareness and eventually powers over the physical forces contained in lower dimensions. The fluid nature of the space dimensions is such that they are completely interchangeable with any particular force, simply observed as such a force depending on which (superstring or other) theory is applied. I have simplified the dimensions into corresponding psychic-diet states of human beings and have made a connection between a particular force and a psychic-diet state. However this is simply one theory and has validity only within the parameter of that theory. The fluidity in the Universe allows contrary theories to be equally valid as the forces appear to be interchangeable across all 10 space dimensions. Therefore the theory (M theory or linking theory) must allow for each psychic-diet state to apply to any and all of the force-space dimensions, simply depending on the psychic-diet theory formulated. For simplicity I will simply refer to my theory as TM psychic-diet theory. The link, or absolute across all theories, appears to be in the time dimension.

1st dimension of space is infinite exploding string; reams of it piling out of the universes exhaust system moving only in and out. It is totally evil and egocentric and relates to the anal chakra of refuse and retention. It is Satan. In astrology it would be represented by a black hole. It is a line joined to itself like a rubber band.

2nd dimension of space is very long and shooting across the universe at the speed of light and is carnivorous giving the power to be flat and cross over things – stomach chakra / feelings and sex organs.

3rd dimension is a big infinitely long uncurling volume of space that goes up, and is an Omnivores paradise of thinking they are solid and full of the power chakra – endocrine system/liver.

4th dimensional concept normally correlated to time (the 11th) is in fact the first of the curled up space dimensions or circles that has the corresponding linking string of force of movement. Vegetarians think they can and have a big heart chakra.

5th dimension is The Brane concept of creation – is that binary brane universes represent the two hemispheres of the pscychocosmic brain, and are linked by 5th dimension gravitational reality. The Universe accelerates at a greater rate towards its partner until according to the Kali Yoga, the space fabric is accelerated to a speed above the speed of light, when the space fabric tears and the two Universes collide, collapsospanding into an ingo-blackhole big bang. Once scientists verify this, by the laws of perception and observation creating reality, the method of verification will provide the base engine for the hyperdrive system that will allow interstellar travel and in effect the beginning of scientific mechanical manipulation of the spatial and time dimensions (ripping/tearing/translating space fabric). It will also confirm that the big bang theory is fatally flawed and that the Universe is a paradox, ever constant, yet self creating and renewing – a trinity.

Gravitons mediate the string interaction of this force with matter’s fermion strings. Gravity is an all attractive force ie. It is not positively or negatively charged (or always positive), it is always an attractive force, there is no repulsion. It is the weakest force in the universe known to date, but has tremendous power because it is purely a positive force and accumulates as matter increases. Gravitons have not yet been detected.

Rawfooders gravitate towards awareness of weight in the form of articulation of the voice. The throat chakra with its implicit oesophagus and trachea connection to breath and food intake, is stimulated by the downward force of gravity. The initial stages of digestion and glandular activity of the Adams apple, and lymph allow the control of expelling unwanted foodstuffs as well as breathing filters, swallowing and defence immune system. ESP in telekinesis [levitation of objects] and sensing the weight of matters is a by-product of rawfoodism.

6th dimension is the strong interactions of hadrons i.e. at short range between quarks in nucleons being mediated by gluons; quantum chromodynamics represents the 6th dimension of strong nuclear bonding – metabolically triggered by exogenous enzymes in the fruitarian diet activating genetic amines in the neurons opening the yogic third eye.

The 7th dimension / electro-magnetism represents the electric and magnetic fields propagated by the oscillation of an electric charge through interactions of photons, quarks and charged leptons i.e. electrons, muons. The ajna chakra at the crown of the head, enlightenment samadhi is a result of entering the 7th dimension breatharian state where the neurons electrons are polarised spin ½ to deterministic chaos bifurication magic number ½.502 9… (Feigenbaum/Davis 87).

The 8th dimension angelic light body integrates into the system Brane and merges with awareness of the forces of weak nuclear bonding between the fundamental fermions; quarks and leptons mediated by photons or neutral bosons (Weinberg-Glashow-Salam model). Charge conjugation and spatial inversion symmetry (parity conservation) are transcended - symmetry broken; e.g. beta decay where neutrons decay to electron and proton giving rise to neutrinos within the atomic structure of matter (Pauli 1930). The 8th dimension angelic light body integrates into the system Brane and merges with awareness of the forces of weak nuclear bonding between the fundamental fermions at short range; quarks and leptons mediated by photons or neutral bosons (Weinberg-Glashow-Salam model). Charge conjugation and spatial inversion symmetry (parity conservation) are transcended - symmetry broken; e.g. beta decay where a neutron emit a weak nuclear force boson which decays to an electron and neutrino and so changing the neutron to a proton within the atomic structure of matter (Pauli 1930). In this state, the necessity for chemical reactions where oxygen is transferred to haemoglobin then transmitted to cells to provide energy is no longer required as cellular energy can be generated through the weak nuclear force. IT is to be noted that the Quantum Electroweak theory of forces effectively joins QED and weak nuclear force to be one force. The base constants are locked up in the 10 dimensions. How to solve the standard base unit system from these dimensions should enable all the forces and dimensions of this binary universe to be linked in one simple mathematical representation of creation – Grand Brane Theory (GBT).

The base constants are locked up in the 10 dimensions. How to solve the standard base unit system from these dimensions should enable all the forces and dimensions of this binary universe to be linked in one mathematical representation of creation – Grand Brane Theory (GBT).
I would love to leave it there for some Year 12 student heading to MIT to rip to shreds in his spare time, but I am going to begin the tearing myself. You must have gathered by now I have a somewhat bizarre sense of humour, sort of satirical as if I don't really believe a word I am writing and like Mr Douglas Adams just have a vivid imagination and can't get a girlfriend. So I am going to throw in for the MIT student, one last hook, which it should already know. That is superstring theory has been attempted to be displaced or revised or canned by a concept dreamed up in the 60s by a young physicist who wanted to take on GUT. He developed a theory based on Eigen numbers or complex numbers (square roots of negative numbers). These numbers if incorporated into the universes structure, offer an alternative way of perceiving reality, that allow the linking of all the known forces without the need to go into the creation of rolled up dimensions or strings at all. The bizarre phenomenum of these numbers creates an amazing picture called a ??? curve if translated into four dimensional space-time. Does this kill superstring theory? I doubt it but it probably creates some sort of modification to it which may more fully explain both and the universe. My postulation is the extra dimensions still exist but that like the paradox of particle and wave the Eigen numbers view of the universe also exists - it becomes a question of perspective. And the Eigen numbers may in fact be re-explained in terms of the 7 rolled up space dimensions.


Now most of you are totally lost and therefore disbelieving including myself. And on the point of giving up at such total nonsense that diet, chakra points in yoga and the rolled up space dimensions in superstring theory all connect.
I was baffled myself and gave up till 2013 3 August in Meher Baba’s Avatar abode in the Sunshine Coast of Oz.
Began videoing the Meher chart and connecting his dimensions or planes of existence spiritually to the physical forces in the universe. It seemed that the gross sphere related to the first four dimensions of space and time – though perhaps not time, that is debatable see below. Alam e Nasut or Anna Bhuvan. The sufis now this as the material world of three dimensional space that we move in, it is considered gross and the lower or evil self exists here in solid objects. Nafs e Ammara. It unifies the word or allows speech. It is necessary for existence – wajib ul wujud. And is the fifth manifestation that allows intellectual certainty – ilm ul yaqin. It is Waqif  - the giver.
The rest to the rolled up spatial dimensions in superstring theory that link all the forces together.  Subtle sphere to the four forces in the universe. Gravity, electromagnetic, the weak and the strong nuclear forces. These I believed were contained in the first four of the rolled up spatial dimensions in the Kalabu Yau. This created the Power in the Universe according to Meher Baba. The forces that joined things together. Alum e Malakut (Sufi) or Pran Bhuvan (Hindu) – Subtle Sphere. These forces unify our actions and make things possible in the material world. The sufis call this the wasif or praiser in its aspect and the reproachful self or Nafs e Lawaama, in relation to the INDIVIDUAL SELF.
The Mental Sphere was made up of two as yet undiscovered forces in the universe that corresponded to the next two rolled up spatial dimensions in superstring theory. I theorised that these related to  some new force connected possibly to dark matter, or negative energy – as Baba said negative existence or impossibility. These mental forces I felt may be connected to irrational number system – square root of -1. Real numbers, unreal numbers. Somehow the creator and controller of thoughts and feelings, Jism e Altaf, Sufi word, but with no apparent power within the universe. The fifth plane or dimension of existence, rolled up in superstring space, is a strange force, which Meher states is the beginning of the Masts journey, the madman intoxicated in love, a saint experiences this through Mahapurush in Yoga. It unifies feeling, represents the beautified self of the soul and the knower in the mind. Arif. This dimension or plane of existence is also a string. Within the string of all energy. This is where all the dark matter within the universe is hidden, and it operates as the Mond. Also known in the west as the imaginal world in psychiatry. 90% of matter is in this bound state. That is assuming gravity doesn’t have an additional law as it becomes weaker, which it does, and that aspect of gravity transforming itself can paradoxically also be seen or called the dark matter or the subtle sphere, or the fifth and sixth forces in the universe. Particularly the fifth force or the knower. Together these forces are both known as the third manifestation or Tajalli e Sevvom in Sufism.   The sixth force is even a more subtle alteration of the gravitational force at a greater distance or weakness and thus explains the anomalies unaccounted for in Mond, it is also called Ashiq or the lover to the Sufis. It is a real force and everyone can experience it as love. It gives the certainty of sight or ain ul yaqin. It is the inspired self and unifies all attributes of the universe.
The discovery of these forces and the various theories that arise from them will allow when put to practical use the development of anti-gravity devices and faster than light space travel. The manipulation of these forces will allow the warp tunnels to be created for starships to travel through in hyperspace. Hyperbolic space this is short for, because like in one dimensional space it appears you have to travel for miles along a string to get to the end, in two dimensional space, depending the string might pass only a mm away a joining of the string, and in two dimensional space can be crossed to that point very quickly. So three dimensional space can be warped or passed through like a hyperbolic curve to get to another star system very quickly by manipulating this fifth force or eighth spatial dimension. Unrolling it will be extremely difficult as due to the intrinsic nature of it, the insulation communication array will be blocked. This will require the number nine spatial dimension to negate the field inversion anomaly. Sixth force.
One who has control over this force within themselves, not through machinery, is known as an adept. In Star Wars, G Lucas described this as the Force. It is a mental force. The author of Dune, also touched upon this in his concept of the Spice to allow the hyperbolic warp drives to go through space faster than light. Hubert. The Islamic nature of the Dune series unconsciously he had tapped into the Sufi mystical path. The giant worms that produced the spice on Dune being of the Imaginal World that all fantasy writers enter. They are tapping into the 5th and 6th forces which operate beyond time and normal space, hence the author by writing can connect to the future or past. And know things about it that seem impossible – of course it is very unstable and subject to the authors personal ego interfering from the current present world he is in and so not necessarily true. When it is pure truth then the writer is an adept or prophet. He has mastered the 5th and 6th forces. He can use paranormal powers to materialise,  communicate, even move telepathically. These are the psychic mental powers, or as Meher states are ‘no power’. Because they negate the normal cosmic laws of the universe and allow the impossible or miraculous to occur.
Capturing these forces in a machine to utalise them may as Dune author presupposes require an enmeshment of the human brain into the machine, particularly controlling navigation. The Spice, I cannot say, the Giant Worms of Dune, one must consult a Sufi to understand this symbology. No doubt it is an analogy to the silk worms of China and the silk road with its caravans of camels through the deserts. Like an LSD trip Dune expands upon the past history to take it into a bizarre future. The Worm may well represent the worm tunnel of warped space that a starcraft will pass through.
The hyperinflation of the universe may be explained through these forces.
The Path or Tariqat is the putting together of all the physical forces in the universe, all six of them.
From the office of Muhammad, the current avatar in residence at Meher Blubber's Abode.
I am in the Suluk intoxication. Of Ashiq. In the sixth force dimension of the imaginal of the mental sphere. This is an imperceptible gravitational force partly discovered in Mond theory. As all exudes from the graviton. Here catch one is it really a graviton or is it another unknown particle, a blubberton, a meheraton, a babaton,  a jamesaton, a negaton, or an imposition - ha, ha - an impossiton. Has the graviton morphed into an impossiton. Before it does that it becomes a fifth force, a negaton or knowiton. Then the impossiton or loveiton.
There is of course the final enlightenment. And this is the Reality. All the other dimensions are delusive or maya. Part of the Leela of Hinduism.  But string theory suggests a final rolled up spatial dimension in the calaba yau of matter and energy, of all strings. This seventh rolled up spatial dimension, one could call it another universal force yet to be discovered, but that wouldn’t really do it justice because this dimension of space is like the Lord of the Rings, the one that binds all the rest together. Without it none else can be. So therefore the Sufis know it as Haqiqat, the only true reality. It is not maya or delusive.  To experience this force one has to have annihilated the mind completely and become God realised. Then one can truly say I am God.
Now this gives rise to some confusion amongst superstring theorists because some deny this spatial rolled up dimension mathematically and instead consider this to be the time dimension that allows the universe to move.
I am laughing because it is another paradox. Naturally both theorists can’t be wrong otherwise egos would be hurt and God wants people to love each other and not fight, so he always compromises and allows both to win and be right. So this is in fact a very odd dimension, because it is both time and space together and this often tricks people.
This makes it as complex as all the other dimensions combined.
TO SAY IT IS ABSOLUTE VACUUM is a misnomer. But that would allow the transition from the other dimensions to it. But it is far more than this. That is only the beginning of it. One in fact can hardly call it a string, being time itself. And it is more than movement. So Nirvana is just as the Hare Krisnas rightly say the primitive beginnings of it.
Anal Haqq is a deeper entry to it in Sufism once you have passed through the vacuum. One becomes God, everything from the nothing. It is where western physics would enter the singularity and it is what will unite the Standard Model with Superstring Theory. Allow the singularity to coexist with the minima of the string. And we are talking about going below 10 to -36 exponential meters in length. Below the max planc constant, where the quantum fury arises, and the laws of physics breakdown completely. A partial breakdown occurs in the mental sphere of the fifth and sixth rolled up dimensions or natural forces, but the seventh dimension is the total breakdown.
The universal body and mind of the divine ego, that rules the universe exists here. It is God. And has no mind and is all mind. Touching upon this and one is imbued with the divine mission for that individual.
There are stages to this total breakdown, this bizarre dimension of space. As one progresses through it from nothing to everything, one enters that which is without form or attributes. One can consciously experience this bliss but cannot use it. One is there. Divinely absorbed in it. It is the beginning of the state of Muhammad.  Of Gnosis of Reality. It is Allah. God the Father. Brahman. Paramatma.  Existence is unified in its essence with certainty. Oneness, such that the lover and loved are one. The self is gone. One is conscious in this dimension initially and is aware of the lower dimensions, but no longer tries to manipulate or use them, there is total acceptance of the divine plan. And one can clearly see the illusion of power or manipulation to better the individual self that is the delusion of the lower realms in which all the other dimensions exist in. The odd thing is that each of these dimensions is absolutely interchangeable and only constructed on top of each other or interacting with each other will the dimensions like a scaffolding create the effects of the next dimension higher up. Except for the final dimension which is always separate and cannot be interchanged.  Some therefore call it the zero dimension or singularity. The complete one. This would upset Meher as he stated the first three dimensions of space are in fact the zero plane of reality, that together they are the zero force of expanded space. So do not constitute an universal force of joining but rather are the bedrock of space in which these forces join the particles in a subtle way then a mental way.
The second level of this final plane or dimension, the seventh, is Paramahansa. Divine superman.
This plane, or force, has a transition level to third known as the divine junction where the divine ego ceases. There the reality with attributes and form begins and one is said to be abiding in God, Baqa Billah. One becomes Jivanmukta or liberated incarnate. To tap into this aspect of this dimension fully and time travel becomes possible – this is the state of a timelord. Salik e Kamil.
Fourth level, is the most perfect one, salik e akmal.
Fifth level of this force, rolled up space, time dimension is Christhood. The throne, office, reality and light of Muhammad. This is the level of the Avatar or Saviour – Rasool. God come to earth. And though still in the world of form and attributes, this is altogether higher level by some degree. Gnosis is certain, existence is known fully, the lover and the loved are not just one but simultaneously one. The oneness now becomes a consciousness of oneness in manyness. This allows the link to other universes. The sufis call it the second manifestation where one can use the lower dimensions powers to help save others. It is split up into the supremely perfect one, the perfect master or sadguru and then the avatar.
The sixth level is god in the beyond state known as allah. This is god the father and one can only experience this unconsciously. This has no attributes or form and also has them. It is total.
The seventh level of the seventh plane is beyond the beyond or paratpar parabrahma. Hidden of the hidden, pure essence, dark mist, all indications cease. Latent. It is the beginning of the universe before the big bang or in that moment of creation, the first millisecond of the universe. The hyperinflation of the universe may be represented by this force.

So indeed Meher and the Sufis had also discovered the Super Brane Code convincing me further that the theory correlated across the religions with science.

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